Jacket 112001 2XL Black/Grey




The 112001 2XL Black/Grey Jacket is a stylish and practical choice for those who value comfort and a fashionable look.

This jacket has a size of 2XL, which guarantees you a comfortable fit and the ability to wear it even with an additional layer of clothing underneath.

The combination of black and gray colors (Black/Grey) adds sophistication to the jacket and makes it easy to combine with different colors and styles of clothing. It can be a great option for different events – from casual to more formal.

The 112001 2XL Black/Grey jacket is made of high quality materials that provide warmth and comfort while wearing. Its design takes into account current fashion trends, making you look stylish and modern.

This jacket is an expression of your style and readiness for different seasons. It will complement your wardrobe both in the city and outdoors, giving you comfort and confidence in your look.


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