Men’s sneakers New Wave 810 ML5740VE 43 (10) 28 cm Black




These sneakers are a size 43 (10), which means they are 28 cm long in centimeters. They meet the sizing standards and provide you with a comfortable fit.

The black color adds to the versatility of these sneakers and their ability to be combined with different looks. They can be an ideal choice for outdoor activities, sports or everyday walks.

Men’s New Wave 810 ML5740VE 43 (10) 28 cm Black sneakers can be made of high quality materials that provide comfort and durability. They may have excellent cushioning and midsole to provide optimal support while on the move.

These sneakers can be a great choice for sports training, outdoor activities, or even as part of your everyday style. They combine a fashionable look with practicality, helping you look stylish and feel comfortable in any outfit.


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